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Next Generation Blockchain Powered Bitcoin & Ethereum Poker Launch April 20th

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Hi Guys,

We are a group that has been investing into Crypto for quite some time and are fellow poker players. 

Over the past year, we have been building up a next generation Crypto powered poker game in the background which supports Bitcoin & Ethereum.

We have also improved various game features such as better RNG, more secure gameplay, far lower fees and an incredible Rakeback programme.

We are excited to finally be able to announce the launch of Crypto Poker Club going live from the 20th April 2018!

Our main aim is to empower poker players worldwide and provide a better online experience whilst making the game secure, fun and more profitable.

Please find a one page infographic summary below.

Currently, we are taking sign ups for early members and are rewarding you with a free 50% bonus on your first deposit. This is unlike other bonuses because these funds will be credited to you in advance instead of being released in small chunks like all other poker sites do.

Sign up with just an email and get yourself on the list.

Learn more here: https://cryptopokerclub.io

Our press release outlining more details of online poker problems we have fixed: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/crypto-poker-club-launching-the-next-generation-blockchain-powered-online-poker-game-117f2c29caeb

Let us know if you guys have any questions?

Looking forward to connecting with you guys.

All the best,


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Hey guys,

Just an update, we have written a few more articles on this subject within Blockchain & gaming adoption:


Also did you know professional poker players across the world have been investing into Crypto actively?

Check out who here: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/cryptocurrency-gets-endorsed-by-professional-poker-players-worldwide-11c0f0d01f41

In terms of the project, we are a few weeks away from completing! Just wrapping up QA testing now.

Just a reminder, we are giving away free BTC for all new sign up members before April 20th 2018!

Sign up with just an email: https://www.cryptopokerclub,io


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