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On 16/12/2017 at 9:30 PM, Max said:

Thank you for you time, Edward.

- Business Plan - we are currently working on a detailed business plan, cause the thing that we had was more like an outline than something solid that you will bring on a table...

- Provably Fair - Nothing novel here at the moment:

  • server takes random seed, hashes it and sends to client
  • client picks a "seed" and sends it to server
  • on a server both of those seeds are combined and the result is used to shuffle the deck
  • the deck is returned to the client together with non-hashed server seed, so the bet can be verified

Except maybe a way how player picks his part, but I would like to omit implementation for now as it is a part of gameplay :)


What is stopping you from playing against the site since it's PvP?

I would recommend looking into networks which offer 3rd party random number generation fast & quick and cannot be manipulated. Sadly this is fairly hard. There's some new technologies coming out that could possibly fix this. Look into it. 

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@wilbur thank for you interest in the project. At this very moment we are trying to stay super lean and not hiring new memebers. But this definetly will change when we secure some funding or bring the game live at least :)

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