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    [1 BTC Bounty] Improve provably fair

    Hi, here is some re-wording suggestions I have for the Stake Fairness page (https://stake.com/fairness/overview) I've included the original text in italic below, and reworded suggestions in blue. I've tried to use language that most non programmers would be able to understand. But left the technical part unchanged, at the bottom for programmers, or tech savvy people that want to learn how the results are generated from a technical point of view. I've used these translations: Overview Stakes random number generator creates provable fair random numbers that are used to determine the outcome of every game played on the site. At Stake we believe every player should be able to trust the games they play. Every one of our games has been built with fairness in mind, at the heart of every game on Stake is a Luck Generating Machine. The user is able to verify the outcome of every game in a fully deterministic way to ensure that Stake has not chosen random numbers in favour of the Casino. By providing one parameter, the client seed to the inputs of the random number generator, Stake is unable to manipulate the outcome in favour of the Casino. Have you ever played the lottery? Perhaps you’ve chosen your numbers based on a loved ones birthday? In a similar way, when you play on Stake you can choose a phrase that you think might bring you luck and use this when you play the games. Here at Stake we don’t use lucky numbers, we use lucky phrases (because as humans we know that people prefer phrases, and phrases are easy to remember). You provide Your Lucky Phrase, and Stake provides a Lucky Phrase; these are mixed together in the Luck Generating Machine each time you place a bet, to produce a random outcome. You don't have to take our word for this. Thanks to the technology at work on the site, you can review every bet you place, to check that it was fair. You can do this using the verifiers on the right side of this page. The stake random number generator allows each game to request any amount of random numbers from a given client seed , server seed and a nonce. Every game on Stake uses this list of random numbers to determine its outcome by converting them into: - Cards or Diamonds (blackjack, baccarat, hilo, diamond poker) - Shuffling a list of possible results (keno, mines) - Numbers (roulette, dice, chartbet) - Path (plinko) The Luck Generating Machine at the heart of every one of our games takes Your Lucky Phrase and with some computer wizardry creates a totally random outcome by linking it to Stake's Lucky Phrase. This random outcome is then mapped into a game result, no matter if you are playing plinko, roulette, mines, or any one of the other games we have on the site. The same Luck Generating Machine is used every time you place a bet to ensure a fair and random outcome. You can change Your Lucky Phrase at any time by clicking the Lucky Phrase button at the bottom of every game: Inputs Each user has one active client seed, one active server seed and a nonce incrementing once per game. Every time you play a game, there are three variable pieces of information that are pieced together to generate your game result. The first two we have already met: Your Lucky Phrase, and Stake's Lucky Phrase. To ensure that you do not get the same result every time you play a game, we add a number to the end of Your Lucky Phrase and every game you play we increase that number by one. We call this number the Lucky Phrase Uniqueness Number, this is the third piece of information used to generate the random game outcomes here at Stake. Client Seed Your Lucky Phrase This is the phrase that you pick and ensures that you have just as much influence over the luck in your games as we do. Server Seed The server seed is generated by the server and is a random generated 64 character hex (0-9,a-f) string. Stake publishes the sha256 (wikipedia) hash of the server seed for the active server seed. The user can rotate the current server seed, this generates a new random active server seed and resets the nonce to 0. The previous server seed, now inactive, is then revealed and can be verified using the sha256 that was published while the seed was active. Stake's Lucky Phrase Stakes Lucky Phrase isn’t a phrase that you can read easily but is a series of letters and numbers. We tell you what this is before every game, but the message we send to you is encrypted. This means you can’t predict the outcome of the game before you play it. After the game has finished you can request Stake's Lucky Phrase be changed. When you do this we will tell you the Lucky Phrase we used with your Lucky Phrase to generate your previous game outcomes. You can verify that this was the Lucky Phrase that was used in your game, thanks to the Encrypted Lucky Phrase we sent before the game. Then using the verifiers on the site here, you calculate exactly what the game outcome should have been. Completely transparent. Completely fair. Nonce The nonce is a number that increments by one every time a game is played. This generates a unique input per game, but keeps verifying multiple games simple, since the nonce is the only parameter that changes. The Lucky Phrase Uniqueness Number The Lucky Phrase Uniqueness Number is a number added to Your Lucky Phrase and increases by one every time a bet is placed. This ensures that each time you place a bet you get a unique and verifiable fair outcome. The Technical Stuff Warning! The below is technical, but we believe in full transparency, so for those that want to know more detail about how exactly we calculate the results at Stake, you can find out below. For the sake of simplicity we have used different terminology in the above explanations. You can map the terminology we used above with the terminology below, using the following key: [so they are the changes I suggest... and then to continue with the rest of the technical explanation already on the page] But add some description about Plinko to: Random Items Because the algorithm for plinko isn't currently mentioned on the page.
  2. Bitdice.me is a good choice site if you fancy a change from your regular dice site. The site operates using Provably Fair technology which means you can rest assured that your bets are in safe hands. One thing I like about this site is that they support multiple currencies. In fact you can deposit with: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. The site was the first bitcoin casino to launch in Costa Rica. The website is simple and straight-forward, split into Dice, and Casino thanks to the menu selectors at the top of the screen. The site seems to attract more casino fans than dice fans, as the number of players online is visible for each part of the site. At the time of writing this review there were 30 dice players active, and 200 casino players. The slots have great graphics and are easy to play, and also offer a variety of different games depending on your playing preference. I haven't played the dice game yet. Bitdice raised $8bn through an ICO, which closed in September and they are planning to take the site to the next level shortly. The site has been up and running since 2014.
  3. The Onehash.com website is easy to navigate and has had a fair amount of thought put into it. If you want to understand how the site works you can head over to the beginners section: https://www.onehash.com/beginners-guide where there are video explainers on hand. Onehash require only very basic information to register (an e-mail address). The site offers: sports betting, and has a section dedicated to e-sports which will be good news if you are an e-sports fan as all the e-sports markets are easily accessible from one easy to navigate page. The cool thing with Onehash is that you are not betting against the house when you place a bet, instead you are betting against other players. This is because the site is a mutual betting site. It works much like a betting exchange (e.g. Betfair etc.), in that you place your bets and the market determines the odds. When the pool has been finalized winning players take their profit according to the percentage of the prize pool they had invested. This is a new site that I had not heard of until recently, but with the wide variety of markets on offer I've decided to give them a go.
  4. Satoshi dice as mentioned earlier in this thread allows you to deposit in Bitcoin Cash (not Bitcoin!) they also have a rule that you mustn't send deposits from an exchange but instead you need to send from a wallet you own, so this is something to pay attention to. There is a very annoying notification panel at the top of the site that flashes at you and notifies you fairly frequently when players have made a bet. It also beeps. You can turn the sound off using the sound switch on the front of the site which is a very welcome feature however. The site is fully provably fair, so you can verify your bets, and know you have just been involved in a fair game which is nice. I was a bit put off by the poor wording on their FAQ page, as it seemed quite unprofessional, for example: Satoshidice take easy account creation one step further... by not even requiring you need an account to play. Instead you simply send your Bitcoin Cash to the wallet address on the front of the screen, that is automatically generated for you when you visit the site.
  5. Kingdice is a dice site that offers one deposit method which is Bitcoin. When I checked the site out it did load very slow on my computer and this is something that definitely impacted my playing experience on the site. The site offers a captcha based faucet which awards 50 sats to new players. Without doubt though, this is the slowest site I've ever played on. To the extent that it was really frustrating just to wait for the boxes to load. My computer isn't a high spec computer, but it handles all other betting and Bitcoin gaming sites just fine, so I don't know why this site was so slow. For this reason I don't recommend this site as I found it so frustrating waiting for the site to respond.
  6. Safedice is a plush looking website, and is easy on the eyes. It's very simple to get started on the site you just head over to the website, and pick an alias. As well as being able to play with Bitcoin, you can also play with Monero on this site which means if you prefer to play with anonymous transactions you can do that. As you might have guessed from the name, Safedice offer one game and that's dice. The good news is that the site is Provably Fair, so if you are someone that values verifying the integrity of your bets you won't be disapointed here. I checked the site on my mobile, and it rendered just fine, so you also have the option to play on the go with this site, which is nice for when you are out travelling and fancy a quick game of dice!
  7. Wheel99's motto is "Fun, Fast, Fair!", this isn't technically true however as the site doesn't implement a full Provably Fair system. This is because the site doesn't allow you to change your client key, and because of this the site is in control of all the information used to generate the game outcomes (which is hardly a provably fair system). The site does have an eye catching design however, and you might be forgiven for thinking you are in a disco and not an online casino when you first visit: A big detractor for me personally is that the site just offers one game. This coupled with the fact that the site is not provably fair, despite their claim, means I choose not to play here.
  8. Bitcasino.io offers a live casino, virtual gaming and sports betting. It also offers a 100% deposit bonus upto 1,000mBit bonus. The website is about the slickest casino website I've used, and this makes for a decent playing experience. I don't play on there any more though because they don't accept UK players. The website has a decent trending panel on the home page which allows you to spot slots that are trending, and this is useful for when you want to try out a new slot because you are getting bored of your regular favorite slot. There are many bad feedback reports for this casino though, so even If I could play on here now, I wouldn't as I've learnt about the many accusations people have put to the site. For example: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2348001.0
  9. Betcoin.ag boasts a lavish website and the site itself is very easy to navigate. The casino accepts a range of coins, including: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin Cash Dash, and Ripple. The casino offers a wide selection of games including: Casino, Live Casino and Sports Betting. So if you like all of these you will be able to play under one roof here. As others have mentioned however, this is another site which has received some bad reviews, especially related to having defrauded players. You can read a summary of some of these claims and examine the prohibitive t&c over on this site: https://game-protect.com/betcoin-ag-scam/ For these reasons I've personally decided not to deposit here.
  10. BitStarz is a site with somewhat of a checkered past. Simply googling the site will pull up scam alert postings from people that allege that the site is not fair. Bitstarz does have a wide variety of games on offer and many of these are licensed from some of the best slot providers in the industry such as: Amatic, and Evolution. The site itself has clearly had a lot of investment put into it, and is a pleasure to navigate. Bitstarz also hosts live casino games, so if you prefer playing your casino games with a live dealer, then you can do just that on this site. Having said that, the bottom line is people have made scam accusations about the site, and for this reason I have never deposited there, and will not in the future.
  11. If you're thinking of playing on Fortunejack you should do some research! Many people in the Bitcoin casino community have made allegations that the site is unfair, and pays out for small amounts, but not for larger amounts, e.g: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1008112.0 and as the site is not Provably Fair (in the main) it's basically impossible to verify the legitimacy of the games. The site does provide live support, and has a large number of slots available, which might appeal to slot fans. But there is usually no smoke without fire, so if I was you and thinking of depositing here, I would personally think twice, due to the scam claims that have been made about the site.
  12. A cool feature of this website is the large amount of coins it supports. You can play with: Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Gridcoin, Litecoin, Playmoney, Peercoin, Stratis and Monero. The games on offer are: dice, slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, plinko and lotto. Unfortunately the site is lacking in design and many of the games look very similar, this makes for a bit of an underwhelming playing experience. Blackjack is really bad and the playing window takes up a very small part of the screen. The other games have some ok playability, so it might be worth checking out if you like dice, plinko, slots or roulette. The lotto game is super basic, you simply purchase a ticket and results are published each time a draw is made. Each ticket costs 10,000 sat's. The neat thing about the lottery is the site pays out 100% of ticket payments to the winners, and awards payments of 80% to first place, 15% to second place and 6% to third place. If you added those up you might realize that they sum to 101%! The site pays out 101% of the prize-pool, as it contributes an extra 1% from the house bankroll! Which is a feature I really like about the site.
  13. Yolodice, is a site that allows players to invest (much like bitvest). You don't need to be a baller to invest however, you can invest from as little as 0.005 BTCs. The site itself is very simple, and doesn't appear to have had a lot of design work put into it. Which is reflected in the bland whites that take up much of the screen real estate. To its credit the site does have some decent bonuses, including a jackpot (which is currently at 1.3BTCs at the time I am writing this review). The Yolodice game is a basic dice game, but also has an automated betting feature. The site offers a faucet which can be claimed 10 times per day. New players start off at a 50sat faucet rate, and you can increase this by leveling up. I found the site OK to play on, and I'll be playing it again in future.
  14. The first thing you notice at Bitkong is the amount of effort that has gone into the website. There is an ambient noise of the jungle on the site, which ties in with the Kong theme, and is something which supports the claim on the site that it is: "a fun and addictive game". The game itself is unique and the idea is to climb up the ladder, selecting a prize amount on each step. If you hit a a piece of fruit you win that round and have to select an amount to wager and a square to reveal for the next step. If you hit foul doodoo you lose. The gameplay is ok, but in fact after a few rounds I found that the game became quite boring. You can test the game out for free by playing it in demo mode. There is also a faucet available and the game is Provably Fair (but you need to remember to change your seed regularly).
  15. Bitvest, is kind of unique in that it allows players to invest in the site. That's the vest, in bitvest. The site is colorful and has an in-game quest system which rewards satoshi for completing simple daily quests. Well the functionality is there, however when I wrote this review, there were no active quests. One cool feature of the site is that you can play with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The games on offer are roulette, Bitspin, slots, dice and plinko. One thing I do like about this site is the fact that the games take up a big part of the screen, so they are easy to play, the results of the games are easy to see. There is a scrolling bet history for the entire site below the games which means you can spy on what other players are doing and join in with their wins! The games are all built from the ground up, so the has a unique feel to it in that respect, and provides for a twist on the regular games you may have come to love on other Bitcoin casinos. The site also has a chat room (although it wasn't super active when I tested it for this review) - and a rain-bot which showers sat's randomly on active chat participants.