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  1. This online casino has only 1 game, being dice with a unique interface, guaranteed to atract new players to try it out. When you roll a dice, a 3D animation of two dice comes up on your screen with the number shown on the top of the dice. Every roll is thrown from a new angle and this makes the game very interactive and quite addicting in my opinion! The provably fair system guarantees a fair game every roll, which makes this site perfect for all players. Any savvy dice player will love to play on Kingdice and i highly recommend them to do so.
  2. Betking is an online casino that was established in 2013 and has gained a very positive reputation for being trustworthy over the past few years, re assuring hi rollers that it is safe to deposit and play on their site. Over 400,000 Bitcoins has been wagered on there site in the past few years, displaying the sheer quantity and wide span of the number of players they have in there community. The provably fair system on there site that they advertise helps keep players re assured that all the bets they are making are 100% fair and can be proved, making Betking one of the best online casinos compared to the ones that lack the provably fair system.
  3. Bust a dice has simple, well known game called Dice, which attracts gamblers to play this game on there site due to the provably fair system and high maximum bet, allowing bigger maximum wins, perfect for high rollers. Instant deposits allow maximum user satisfaction and users waste no time to win bitcoin. The house edge is low at 1%, meaning that users will have a higher chance of winning by playing on Bustadice.com compard to a site with 2% House edge on dice, which some have.
  4. Prime dice is one of the oldest, most reputable and trusted online casinos with a huge fan base and active players currently. Owners of Primedice are the most trusted in the gambling community and the support team is very helpful and efficient when it comes to solving user issues. The dice game on the site, which is the only game to be played is impeccable and well designed. The site provides a chat section for users to participate in games to win free satoshis and chat with other users about strategies and anything else. Prime dice is the perfect dice site for all gamblers with cryptocurrency who want to play dice, due to it having the largest max bet, therefore users are capable of winning big amounts on dice, while feeling secure that every dice roll is fair due to the provably fair system the site possesses.
  5. Stake summarized in one word : .................................. (You cannot summarize the greatness of this site in one word, instead let me explain it to you ) Stake has a provably fair system, providing all users with the sense of security that all bets placed are fair. Stake has a faucet which can be claimed 20 times per day, allowing even the poor to enjoy the experience :D. Stake has the most friendly community i have ever seen, everyone greets you when you enter and start playing. Stake has the best variety of unique games, ranging from Blackjack to A Chartbet. Stake has a level progression system with different objectives, providing a sense of satisfaction once you achieve certain tasks or get to a certain goal. (I am level 14 ) Stake has the best house edge i have ever seen on the Dice game, with a mere 1% house egde, allowing users to win "BIG" more often. Stake does not have a variety of available cryptocurrencies available to deposit other than Bitcoin and is the only reason i am not giving it a complete 10/10. Although this is nothing major, due to bitcoin being the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency anyways and in the near future i am expecting to see this updated, then i can give it a 10/10 What stake has given me, no other site has and that is a good, unique experience and i am grateful for that, allowing me to recommend stake.com to anyone who is looking for the best online gambling site out there!
  6. Bitcasino is one of the best online casinos! They provide all the different aspects of an online casino that anyone would be looking for. They have 24/7 online support, insanely fast withdrawals, provably fair games and a very aesthetically pleasing layout and design of the website. The number and variety of games waiting to be played on this site is out of this world! Gamblers will be entertained forever with the excitement and adrenaline they will feel playing a new game and moving on to the other. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who wants to have an awesome gambling experience in an online casino which acceps bitcoin.
  7. Although some games on this website do deserve recommendation, i would personally recommend users to stay away from here due to the wide range of negative reviews and scam alerts. It is known that this website has a low reputation for not paying out giveaways and bad support. My review of this site is that due to it having a non-provably fair system, meaning that bets cannot be verified for its legitimacy, it is automatically strange and fishy to me and i would not recommend you to trust your money on this website. Do not deposit here unless you are willing to take the 'risk' on it, there are a lot of better online casinos better deserving a deposit than this one.
  8. CryptoGames allows many crypto currencies to be deposited, including : Bitocin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum and even some non popular ones, such as GridCoin, PlayMoney and PeerCoin, in order to accustom to many more cryptocurrency gamblers than other online casinos have to offer. I really like the design of this site with the black backdrop making it seem more serious and down to business with earning money and will provide users with a sense of security when betting. The main game on the site is Dice, where a number is randomly generated every roll and you have to choose to bet under or over a specific amount. The website has a wide range of games, not limited to dice, including Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko and the Lotto. Overall, CryptoGames is a top website in my list due to the fact that it has the best user experience in terms of the wide range of available cryptocurrencies it allows users to deposit and many different games to play on.
  9. The slogan saying "The most addictive bitcoin game ever" is not a lie, with over 222,000,000 games played and over 28 billion bits wagered its is one of the most popular online gambling sites ever hands down. The simple design and choice of a single game with three levels of difficulty will suit most players and keep them entertained and determined to turn a profit. The support team is quick to respond in my experience and is very friendly, proving to be a major advantage over some other online casinos with slow support. One thing lacking is a chat room for users to talk to one another and share there experiences. Other than that i would rate this website to be one of the best that there is.
  10. Wheel99 has a multitude of advantages which allow it to stand out from other sites and some disadvantages. The major attraction for this site to me is the simplistic and fun design that it has to offer its users. Not to mention the mere "1%" house edge, allowing users to feel more comfortable with betting big and win big. Wheel99 also has a referral program, allowing users to make extra money on friends and others signing up using their link. Things i would like to see improved would be adding more games to have a wider variety of choice for users with different wants and needs. Other than this, i would definitely recommend this site to anyone who wants to gamble cryptocurrency using a wheel, due to the extremely low house edge
  11. Fortunejack to me, looks like one of the best designed casinos ever in terms of the layout. There is a wide variety of games to play with something for everyone, which is the unique selling point of this website, which allows it to stand out from others. Fortunejack offers many different ways to earn extra bitcoin, including an affiliate program, deposit bonuses and a loyalty program, which is why i recommend anyone wanting to gambling cryptocurrency to try it out. You can follow them on quite a few social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and on Bitcointalk.org Provided that they have expanded through social media so widely, their customer service is impeccable and definitely worth noting.
  12. Bitvest, to me is the most vibrant and colorful online casino i have ever seen, in terms of the graphical design! The colors are bold are bright attracting users and allowing gamblers to enjoy their experience. Bitvest currently has five main games, consisting of Plinko, Dice, Slots, Roulette and Bitspin. Since the first four games are well know, i will explain what Bitspin is. Bitspin is a wheel where you can place a specific bet amount of your balance and have the chance to win big multipliers or lose trying. There are six different levels of risk, Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue and Purple. Red is the highest risk and comes with the greatest reward, great for risk takers and big winners Bitvest is currently accepting deposits of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tokens, having a wider range of acceptable cryptocurrencies than a lot of other websites. I would recommend Bitvest to a friend as it is one of the top online casinoes for cryptocurrency betting at the moment, if the user likes Plinko
  13. Duckdice is a online casino accepting bitcoin, which is a popular trending form of cryptocurrency. Once you have deposited your bitcoin, you are welcomed by a unique layout of the popular dice game although this time with an awesome duck theme, where you can win a variety of different currencies to later cashout. You can chat with other betters in the nicely designed chat box on the right hand and you can also change chat rooms to different languages including The Indian chat room, Indonesian, Philipino, Portugese and Russian, welcoming gamblers from a wide multitude of nationalities. A simple design allows users to easily know where to click on the site to cashout, including informing the user that the minimum withdraw is 0.001BTC and the fee is a mere 0.0002BTC that will be deducted from your total withdraw.