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    Malta taking steps to legalize Bitcoin Gambling

    is this going to be an online casino?
  3. Bitkong Review 1. Faucet: you can claim to their faucet 50x one thing that is good about their faucet is when you luckily claimed on their funky hour that will give you 10 folds of your normal faucet 2.Gameplay/ Animations: Bitkong offers one game only. Animations and sounds are cool even the gorilla. You can choose whether you'll play it easy , medium or hard. Personally I play the easy one and will aim at the top this site is entertaining 3. Complaints: I have never seen any complaints about this site. All of the previews I have read about bitkong is positive. When it comes to provably fair then this site passed. You can always check and save any of your bets.
  4. Bitvest Review 1. Faucet: the site is happily giving out free money for the testers and players. The higher the level the higher you can get from their faucet. It's random, my highest claimed faucet so far is 6000 satoshis. I would say that bitvest is one of my favorite site. 2.Graphics/Animations: when it comes to speed or automatic results you can always see it by clicking on the account icon. Animations are confusing at first but you will get used to it if you stay there for a while 3.Games: Bitvest has a lot of games you can play on. There's a classic dice, slot, plinko etc. There's a High chance of recovering your negative profit or winning in this site because it's provably fair that you can see on their verification tab. One more thing I love about this site is their costumed prizes, meaning you can customize what prizes would you like to get as long as it's not overlapping the maximum payout. 4.Chat/Mods Used to be veryverlively lively but still lively as of today. The chat is fun players and mods there are cool and entertaining. The site have also rainbot. This rainbot showers satoshis randomly to deserving players who chat. 5.Investment : This site offers investment plans. There are two options you can pick on. The minimum investment is 0.01. For more information check the site. 6.Currency: The site offers Btc, Ltc and Eth. When claiming faucet they give you tokens. 1 token is equivalent to 1 satoshi. you can only convert it to the said crypto currecy when you reached the minimum conversation amount. You can withdraw in this site without depositing. 0.001 is the minimum amount you can withdraw and 0.0004 is the withdrawal fee. when it comes to provably fair all I can say is this site is Provably for sure you can check their verification IDs when you click the bets. Different ID for different bets. For me this is one of the most entertaining online casino today.
  5. Primedice Review 1. Faucet: Faucet is 100 satoshis per claim for you to test and play with it. Which is good not like other sites that you need to deposit first before you can play. 2. Community: Lively. The community of PD is very lively and fun to talk to. There's a daily rain for lucky players who chat. 3. Dice: There's only one game to play but the good thing is the house edge of the site's dice is 1% which is low. 4. Trustable? : Of course. Stunna is one of the most trusted person on Crypto Gambling(have some time to research it) The site is home for people who are called dicers . They're gamblers who loves to play dice. If I am to rate this then it will be 9 over 10.
  6. Stake Review 1. Faucet: the faucet of stake used to be 1250 at the very first month or lesser, they made a great choice to attract testers. (the site where I came from looks like a ghost town when Stake launched) .After some weeks or days the faucet was based on your levels which is still cool. But due to rampant abuse the Site cut it down to 100 satoshis per claim (maximum 10 per claims in 24 hours). At this moment the devs of this site is making a so called "revolutionary faucet" said by Spike ,one of the admins of stake, he said that this faucet will either give you high or low sats which is more entertaining. 2. Animations: the animations of stake is the best one I have seen so far. See it for yourself. 3. Games: There are tons of games you can play. Chance of recovering your negative profit is high. why? because like I said there are tons of games which gives high multiplier. Which means you have more options on how you recover your negative profit. Every game of stake has a beauty on its own. 4.Mods/Supports/Admins/Devs: Mods of stake are the best. They control the chat and communicate with the players well. Mods and players are usually good with each other. Supports: 24/7 live support. If you ask them to support you they'll give you the best service they can. Admins: They're usually busy with their things, but when they visit chat they usually bring good news. Devs: The key players of Stake. They made stake livelier with the choice of colors, background, sounds and even the mascot. 5. Forum Forum of stake is so cool. They give you 1000-2000 satoshi per post(depends on the the content and thread of your post). There's a lot of thread that benefits the members forum. Giveaways are one of my favorite thread in forum. Stake give out free money with their giveaways, faucet and rain. One of the best forum I have seen. 6.Withdrawal You can withdraw at the site hassle free as long as you accumulated 0.002 btc. 0.0002 is the withdrawal fee which is low when it compares to the other site. Even if you didn't deposit you can always withdraw there. 7. Provably Fair You can always see the confirmation of your bet that Stake is doing a fair fight against the players. You can also change seed if necessary. Provably one of the best site you can trust on.