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  1. looking for a Developer or/and Partner

    anyone interested? @all are invited to comment or ask any questions
  2. we Jackpotracer.com are looking for a Developer. we would prefer a kind of partnership. to be frank our problem with a Dev is the trust. we had many Devs in the past and many problems. we dont want to cheat and dont want to be cheated. we have many ready games. we would like to offer PvP games also. in case we dont find a Dev we can trust we would like to offer to other casino owners 2 absolutely unique game variants. those games will attract many players and especially high wagering players. we dont want to sell those 2 games. we would like to have a profit share (negotiable). any casino owner who is interested to see a demo of those games please let me know. ( trusted and well known casino owners only ) as we dont want to risk that any casino owner will copy/steal those game variant ideas we would appreciate if Stunna or Edward would be a kind of escrow in case we want to show the games to interested casino owners to be sure we get a fair treatment thx for reading