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  1. Ether Games Club Only games between people Website | Twitter | Telegram Goal of the project: create a project where people can play with each other, not with a system that steals money. Games: at the moment we offer you only one game - coinflip (duel game). You can write here your ideas for games or via the support form on the site We have: Unique Referral System We offer a unique referral system, where you can earn both a referral from the referral and referral from the referrer. The referrer receives 10% of the system commission from each game of his referral. The referral receives a referral set by the referrer up to 100% So both earn ethereum. For example. John has a referral Jack. Jack spent 1 ethereum on the game. Commission system for the game 5%. John gets 10% of the commission - it's 0.005 ether. John put a 50% refback and Jack got 0.0025 ether. Open system of statistics You can view the statistics of any person by clicking on his nickname Chat Beautiful chat, the ability to customize the avatar Instant deposits ether are credited to the balance after confirmation of 2 blocks, which takes 2 minutes Level system The level system allows you to receive daily rewards for your level in the future In-game shop We have an in-game store where you can purchase services to identify yourself in the chat. (for example, change the color of the name) Support We have ticket support system. Also you can write in telegram chat. We are always ready to listen to new ideas for new games. The project will develop rapidly with your help. When registering, you will receive ether to test the game. So, welcome to ethergamesclub.com