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  1. I'm curious to know what Developer API's crypto gambling sites use to send and receive coins?
  2. paparyku

    Why should I care about provably fair?

    Nobody should use any casino crypto or not without a good provability fair system.
  3. paparyku

    Malta taking steps to legalize Bitcoin Gambling

    Hopefully fair gambling becomes less regulated everywhere in the coming years. Crypto is ahead of its time!
  4. paparyku

    Bitcoin transaction fees cheaper than Banks now

    Lower fees are good news.
  5. paparyku

    Why I believe in provable fairness

    Provability fairness should be every gambling sites #1 priority.
  6. paparyku

    How to choose a bitcoin wallet

    I'm a fan of wallet software/services that put privacy/anonymity first. Electrum is a great desktop wallet - https://electrum.org
  7. paparyku


    Stake is defiantly ahead of it's time in the gambling industry. Would defiantly recommend playing on!