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    Hello, My name is Vasilis and I work for Bitx99.com as the Lead Marketing Director. Bitx99 is a new website (live) which currently focuses on a Roulette Wheel. The wheel is unique in that it has many multipliers for players to win on the board including 2.06, 2.83, 9.9, 24.75, 49.5, and 99. We have fully integrated the Shapeshift API into our website which lets users deposit into the site with Bitcoin as well as many many other Altcoins which is automatically converted into Ethereum Chips (ethc). We are pleased to show-off our investor side of the site as well. Our investment console allows investors to track their % holdings on the site and their profits generated from what they own. At the end of the initial investment phase, we will be distributing our own ERC20 token which will act as a stake in the company which will let investors trade their holdings and equity of the site with ease and as they wish. There will be 10,000 tokens distributed to all investors based on what percentage of the total amount invested in the site. Our provably fair system hashes the outcomes of the wheel before any bets are placed to ensure that no site-side tampering will cause players to unfairly lose their money. These hashes can be easily checked each round after the betting phase is over. Where we want to go: Right now we are still new. But we have minimally started advertising through different avenues on YouTube in an attempt to get some new players on the site. And it's not just that, even. We want to be known and available to the community. An increase in players would quicken our roadmap progress significantly and we would be able to start coding other games for the site that we have planned as well. Popular things now like crash are a consideration, but we just aren't at that point yet. We don't have enough income to where we would be able to take time away from our real-world jobs to focus more heavily on developing the site than we are right now. Which is why the roadmap seems so dragged out. Yes, very hard work is put into the site every day and updates are frequent (but not on a set schedule). But more dedication will be an option after the playerbase rises. Advertising is a huge thing we are aiming for at the moment. No, we aren't going to get instant results, and we know that. Bitcoin is down and people are starting to shy away from it. But our goal, as said, is to make our presence known to the community and to try and implement this newer system of ownership successfully into our website. Not only that, but we also want to increase our bankroll in the website. We want to start attracting larger players but our current bankroll will not allow for the possibility of huge winnings to be achieved. Currently our maximum win for BTC (measured in bits) is 25000 and our maximum win for Ethereum Chips (1000 ethc = 1 eth) is 200. Increasing bankroll will let us increase the winning possibility of players, thus making the site more appealing to whales. Here's a copy-paste of the official application Desired website name & domain: Bitx99.com (already hosted and online) In two sentences, explain why you deserve funding: Our website has new technology that we'd like to introduce to the gambling community. We are utilizing a custom ERC20 token to show equity in the website which will be distributed to investors after the investment phase is over based on the total % contribution each investor has made. In two sentences, what does the CGF stand for ethics wise: The CGF stands for the ethical goal of making online gambling seem less of a "shady, underground, possibly illegal, and scammy" set of businesses and more as one which is seen as a fair set of rules without the need for trust between player and casino through the use of verified provably fair systems. This will make online gambling seen as more acceptable within current society without venturing outside of your own house. What resources will your funding go towards: The funding would be heavily focused on different avenues of advertisement in order to grow our playerbase which would, in turn, grow our bankroll allowing larger rewards and bets to be placed by users. With a larger playerbase we would be able to dedicate more time into further developing the website and following our roadmap at a quickened pace which means adding more features into the site as well as many more games to entice even more players to join. What resources do you currently already have: We already have our website live and many essential operations like deposits, withdraws, proper bets and rewards, roulette wheel, and investment consoles which show investors' earnings and total equity. What makes your website unique: Our roulette wheel goes up to x99 times your original bet. We've paid out over 3.5 BTC to users throughout the time we've been live throughout our previous interation of the site known as "Wheel99". We also have, as explained before, our unique investor program which distributes "shares" of the website and its earnings through the Ethereum network via an ERC20 Token which will be distributed to investors after the investment phase. Have you PM'ed your business plan to Edward: I have not PM'ed him yet. But I will do it right after I submit this form.