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  1. If you love the NBA and if you're excited about the new format of the NBA All-Star Game 2018, you will be pleased to know that we have introduced a simple wager on the winner between Team Lebron vs. Team Stephen! Learn and experience a purely crypto platform while having some fun... https://www.cryptosportz.com/game/teamstephen_teamlebron_allstar_nba_feb18_winner
  2. Hi guys, We have a #721 non fungible token based dapp for sports bets. https://www.cryptosportz.com/ The contract works on Ropsten TestNet. We'd love to hear from anyone that is interested in playing with it. https://github.com/cryptosportz/cryptosportz A bit more background: The premise of our dapp is that many crypto guys are also sports fans (like ourselves) and that it would be nice to have a decentralized way to bet against one another on sporting event outcomes. We ran a little pilot for the Super Bowl and had a handful of guys participate. Now we are trying to do a few games for the UEFA Champions League. What we are asking the community: The biggest concern/question is does this appeal to people? Naturally interested to hear from anyone but ideally sports fans. We really don't want to do an ICO and sell tokens. The idea is to let the community play against each other and monetize through a small percentage (4%). We get feedback all the time that says "do a token" and our stance is that another token is the last thing the world needs. The Dapp details: You are a fan of team A (let's say Real Madrid), and they are playing a big game on Tuesday (against PSG). Our dapp allows you to create a score prediction (let's say 3-1) to add a bit of edge to the game. The idea is that there will be other fans of Madrid or PSG that will have a different prediction from you (1-1, 0-1, etc.) and the contract let's you buy #721 non fungible tokens with your respective predictions. When the game is over, the contract resolves itself through the oracle and if you guessed correctly you can trade your winning token back for your share of the total contract value (= contract pool/# winning tokens). We'd love to hear from the community about whether this is too complicated, or boring, or great, or etc. We got featured on DappRadar.com and are looking at some of the dapps on there like games of scarcity and others, doing very well. Basically wondering if there's something that the community wants that we're not doing. Again, don't need to use real ETH. Everything works in Ropsten so please come by and play around. All you need is Meta Mask. Send us some feedback here or on Telegram, Twitter, etc. All the social links are at the bottom of the site. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, The Crypto Sportz team has officially launched our sports wagering platform in time for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16! We are big football (soccer) fans, so we feel like this was the perfect time to launch. Quick introduction: our platform is designed as an easy and secure way to make bets with friends on sports. It is powered by the blockchain, which means peer-to-peer, decentralized wagers. We wanted to eliminate the headaches and corruption of the traditional betting experience. Last but not least, this is not an ICO! All you need to do is have a MetaMask account with some ETH in it to get started. If you’re a sports fan, crypto fan, or anyone in between, we’d love for you to try out our platform. Even if you’re not a football fan, the Champions League is a prestigious event with lots of fandom and excitement to get behind. Throw down a little bit of ETH and enjoy the experience! Come check us out at: https://cryptosportz.com
  4. CryptoSportz

    Crypto + Sports Bounty

    Crypto Sportz is a platform combining Crypto and Sports powered by the Ethereum network. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=elCkKDxu-SE It is now live in beta and there are matches for the Champions League! We are looking for crypto + sports fans that enjoy our platform to refer your friends and others so that we can grow the platform and send you an ETH reward. We call this group captains and more info can be found here https://www.cryptosportz.com/captains By becoming one of our captains and sharing with your friends, you will receive 1% of the ETH value of the ticket directly to your wallet. How it works? Every time you refer someone and they buy a ticket, we will send 1% of the ticket value straight to you. Simply put your Ether address in the following link: https://www.cryptosportz.com/land/ "your ETH wallet address"