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  1. @Edward I Just submitted Business Plan via Direct Message. Hope you will find time to look through it in near future *fingers crossed
  2. @wilbur thank for you interest in the project. At this very moment we are trying to stay super lean and not hiring new memebers. But this definetly will change when we secure some funding or bring the game live at least
  3. Actually, nothing Main game play loop is actually PvE, where player explore different dungeons, caves and lairs. We would love to implement PvP feature as well, but that's for somewhat distant future...
  4. Thank you for you time, Edward. - Business Plan - we are currently working on a detailed business plan, cause the thing that we had was more like an outline than something solid that you will bring on a table... - Provably Fair - Nothing novel here at the moment: server takes random seed, hashes it and sends to client client picks a "seed" and sends it to server on a server both of those seeds are combined and the result is used to shuffle the deck the deck is returned to the client together with non-hashed server seed, so the bet can be verified Except maybe a way how player picks his part, but I would like to omit implementation for now as it is a part of gameplay
  5. Attached you can find visual design concept for a game. We also put current version of client prototype up and running at dungeonriches.com . Please be polite and try not to judge us harshly. Presented prototype is more like a proof-of-concept at the moment: it's not connected to any backend to store data and process rounds it's currently using slot mechanics - since it was one of the options we wanted to explore We are using Pixi.js as a render engine, so it will be available on desktop and mobile from Day 1. On backend we currently have monolith PHP application which process API calls for authentication, withdrawal and deposit (BTC only), provably fair and also serves static files to user. But we gonna split it into microservices and rewrite it with Node.
  6. Desired website name & domain: "Dungeon Riches" at dungeonriches.com Why we deserve funding: We are a team of professionals with passion for gaming. We believe we can deliver unique experience for people who love video games and want to try gambling. What does the CGF stand for ethics wise (how we see it) : CGF believes that business in gambling shall provide fair and transparent experience to it's users. That business shall treat users, their data and identity with care and respect. Gambling shall be an adult entertainment and not something, that ruins peoples lives. Resources Where Funding Go: Domain and Server Rent Launching Website Initial prize pool Polish Basic Gameplay and Game Progression Bring Game Client to Early Alpha Version Bring Back End to Early Alpha Version Resources We Already Have: Working in-browser prototype of game client Artwork and animations for 2 characters and background Back End prototype which can handle bitcoin withdrawal/deposit, round result generation and provably fair We have 3 founders, with wide range of expertise - covering front-end and client design and development, backend development, security administration, marketing - working on their free time and resources. We also have several "sleeping agents" - contractors waiting for a signal to start working on the project. What makes your website unique: While most of the websites provide classic casino table games - like cards, roulette or dice - we believe it's not the way how to attract new players. Especially not the people who never played slot games - and probably never will - just because it doesn't align with their gaming experience. We want to bring unique experience, which will merge several of common ideas from social gaming and casino table games. Have you PM'ed your business plan to Edward: Not yet. At the moment it's quite a mess and if Edward can provide us some guidance with this - that would be really appreciated.
  7. Gambling Website or Project Funding

    Great initiative, Edward! I stumbled upon this post and it was like a blessing - cause we were looking for a way to start up our idea for quite a while. Gonna make a post right away!