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  2. hi all the provably fair experts who will help me to add provably fair to one of my games? I want to be sure that the game will have the correct provably fair option. please help. thx in advance Jackpotracer
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  4. Bitx99.com

    Hello, My name is Vasilis and I work for Bitx99.com as the Lead Marketing Director. Bitx99 is a new website (live) which currently focuses on a Roulette Wheel. The wheel is unique in that it has many multipliers for players to win on the board including 2.06, 2.83, 9.9, 24.75, 49.5, and 99. We have fully integrated the Shapeshift API into our website which lets users deposit into the site with Bitcoin as well as many many other Altcoins which is automatically converted into Ethereum Chips (ethc). We are pleased to show-off our investor side of the site as well. Our investment console allows investors to track their % holdings on the site and their profits generated from what they own. At the end of the initial investment phase, we will be distributing our own ERC20 token which will act as a stake in the company which will let investors trade their holdings and equity of the site with ease and as they wish. There will be 10,000 tokens distributed to all investors based on what percentage of the total amount invested in the site. Our provably fair system hashes the outcomes of the wheel before any bets are placed to ensure that no site-side tampering will cause players to unfairly lose their money. These hashes can be easily checked each round after the betting phase is over. Where we want to go: Right now we are still new. But we have minimally started advertising through different avenues on YouTube in an attempt to get some new players on the site. And it's not just that, even. We want to be known and available to the community. An increase in players would quicken our roadmap progress significantly and we would be able to start coding other games for the site that we have planned as well. Popular things now like crash are a consideration, but we just aren't at that point yet. We don't have enough income to where we would be able to take time away from our real-world jobs to focus more heavily on developing the site than we are right now. Which is why the roadmap seems so dragged out. Yes, very hard work is put into the site every day and updates are frequent (but not on a set schedule). But more dedication will be an option after the playerbase rises. Advertising is a huge thing we are aiming for at the moment. No, we aren't going to get instant results, and we know that. Bitcoin is down and people are starting to shy away from it. But our goal, as said, is to make our presence known to the community and to try and implement this newer system of ownership successfully into our website. Not only that, but we also want to increase our bankroll in the website. We want to start attracting larger players but our current bankroll will not allow for the possibility of huge winnings to be achieved. Currently our maximum win for BTC (measured in bits) is 25000 and our maximum win for Ethereum Chips (1000 ethc = 1 eth) is 200. Increasing bankroll will let us increase the winning possibility of players, thus making the site more appealing to whales. Here's a copy-paste of the official application Desired website name & domain: Bitx99.com (already hosted and online) In two sentences, explain why you deserve funding: Our website has new technology that we'd like to introduce to the gambling community. We are utilizing a custom ERC20 token to show equity in the website which will be distributed to investors after the investment phase is over based on the total % contribution each investor has made. In two sentences, what does the CGF stand for ethics wise: The CGF stands for the ethical goal of making online gambling seem less of a "shady, underground, possibly illegal, and scammy" set of businesses and more as one which is seen as a fair set of rules without the need for trust between player and casino through the use of verified provably fair systems. This will make online gambling seen as more acceptable within current society without venturing outside of your own house. What resources will your funding go towards: The funding would be heavily focused on different avenues of advertisement in order to grow our playerbase which would, in turn, grow our bankroll allowing larger rewards and bets to be placed by users. With a larger playerbase we would be able to dedicate more time into further developing the website and following our roadmap at a quickened pace which means adding more features into the site as well as many more games to entice even more players to join. What resources do you currently already have: We already have our website live and many essential operations like deposits, withdraws, proper bets and rewards, roulette wheel, and investment consoles which show investors' earnings and total equity. What makes your website unique: Our roulette wheel goes up to x99 times your original bet. We've paid out over 3.5 BTC to users throughout the time we've been live throughout our previous interation of the site known as "Wheel99". We also have, as explained before, our unique investor program which distributes "shares" of the website and its earnings through the Ethereum network via an ERC20 Token which will be distributed to investors after the investment phase. Have you PM'ed your business plan to Edward: I have not PM'ed him yet. But I will do it right after I submit this form.
  5. Hi Guys, We just revealed how we implement an integral part of Blockchain Technology to help achieve True Random Number Generation. The same technique could theoretically apply to cryptography/encryption. The aim is to revolutionize online poker by shuffling card decks more effectively than traditional Pseudo Random Number Generation algorithms that are used in today's era of online gaming. We call our solution a ' Triple-Factor Random Number Generator' (TFRNG). We combine Quantis's Hardware based Random Number Generator alongside our Blockchain Hash based PRNG in a continuous deck shuffle process chain to achieve higher degrees of randomness. On one end, we utilize quantum natural phenomena (via Photons) to generate completely random strings of numbers. On the other, we use Bitcoin Network's Hashes as a unknown, unpredictable entropy source to initiate a PRNG sequence. Together, we reshuffle the deck multiple times to provide the ultimate way of truly randomly generating numbers. Here is our paper on how the technology works: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/crypto-poker-clubs-triple-factor-random-number-generator-tfrng-revealed-4b83fccb7aea Video case studies will soon be released after our platform goes live later this month! What are your thoughts with the current state of the online gaming world when it comes to RNG?
  6. Bitcoin transaction fees cheaper than Banks now

    Hey guys, Bumped into an interesting article! https://blockmanity.com/bitcoin-transaction-fees-cheaper-banks-now-10000-1-cent/ Great news for the Crypto world.. Now we just need to figure out long transaction time waiting. Any thoughts? Also what does this mean for the Crypto gaming world?
  7. Hey guys, Just an update, we have written a few more articles on this subject within Blockchain & gaming adoption: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/how-augmented-reality-artificial-intelligence-and-blockchain-technology-revolutionize-the-gaming-a65e536482f7 Also did you know professional poker players across the world have been investing into Crypto actively? Check out who here: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/cryptocurrency-gets-endorsed-by-professional-poker-players-worldwide-11c0f0d01f41 In terms of the project, we are a few weeks away from completing! Just wrapping up QA testing now. Just a reminder, we are giving away free BTC for all new sign up members before April 20th 2018! Sign up with just an email: https://www.cryptopokerclub,io
  8. Hi Guys, We are a group that has been investing into Crypto for quite some time and are fellow poker players. Over the past year, we have been building up a next generation Crypto powered poker game in the background which supports Bitcoin & Ethereum. We have also improved various game features such as better RNG, more secure gameplay, far lower fees and an incredible Rakeback programme. We are excited to finally be able to announce the launch of Crypto Poker Club going live from the 20th April 2018! Our main aim is to empower poker players worldwide and provide a better online experience whilst making the game secure, fun and more profitable. Please find a one page infographic summary below. Currently, we are taking sign ups for early members and are rewarding you with a free 50% bonus on your first deposit. This is unlike other bonuses because these funds will be credited to you in advance instead of being released in small chunks like all other poker sites do. Sign up with just an email and get yourself on the list. Learn more here: https://cryptopokerclub.io Our press release outlining more details of online poker problems we have fixed: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/crypto-poker-club-launching-the-next-generation-blockchain-powered-online-poker-game-117f2c29caeb Let us know if you guys have any questions? Looking forward to connecting with you guys. All the best, CPC
  9. dodice.io — brand new dice game Y'all know what to do 1% house edge Fair 50% chance of winning (Quite) fast BTC deposit and withdrawal Hey, guys! We want to create the best dice game ever. We've just launched, so please message if you have any questions, issues or proposals. Come and try your luck: dodice.io
  10. Casino games with...

    For those who like to keep up with the times and use the new, modern and effective, then you should take care of it now and create new games, as indicated on http://www.enngenie.com/Casino-PCB-Game-Board- Kits. It is enough to decide what you want, and the rest is a matter of pro.
  11. Is it really possible?
  12. Crypto + Sports wagering is finally here!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
  13. Trying to send a message and getting - "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more." - I have like 5 messages in my inbox. Is the limit really that low or is it just me?..
  14. Never got paid for this, fake promotion, can't delete the post, sorry guys!
  15. It's not true. Fraud is confirmed by owner and video. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2036622.msg20255043#msg20255043
  16. If you love the NBA and if you're excited about the new format of the NBA All-Star Game 2018, you will be pleased to know that we have introduced a simple wager on the winner between Team Lebron vs. Team Stephen! Learn and experience a purely crypto platform while having some fun... https://www.cryptosportz.com/game/teamstephen_teamlebron_allstar_nba_feb18_winner
  17. Hi guys, We have a #721 non fungible token based dapp for sports bets. https://www.cryptosportz.com/ The contract works on Ropsten TestNet. We'd love to hear from anyone that is interested in playing with it. https://github.com/cryptosportz/cryptosportz A bit more background: The premise of our dapp is that many crypto guys are also sports fans (like ourselves) and that it would be nice to have a decentralized way to bet against one another on sporting event outcomes. We ran a little pilot for the Super Bowl and had a handful of guys participate. Now we are trying to do a few games for the UEFA Champions League. What we are asking the community: The biggest concern/question is does this appeal to people? Naturally interested to hear from anyone but ideally sports fans. We really don't want to do an ICO and sell tokens. The idea is to let the community play against each other and monetize through a small percentage (4%). We get feedback all the time that says "do a token" and our stance is that another token is the last thing the world needs. The Dapp details: You are a fan of team A (let's say Real Madrid), and they are playing a big game on Tuesday (against PSG). Our dapp allows you to create a score prediction (let's say 3-1) to add a bit of edge to the game. The idea is that there will be other fans of Madrid or PSG that will have a different prediction from you (1-1, 0-1, etc.) and the contract let's you buy #721 non fungible tokens with your respective predictions. When the game is over, the contract resolves itself through the oracle and if you guessed correctly you can trade your winning token back for your share of the total contract value (= contract pool/# winning tokens). We'd love to hear from the community about whether this is too complicated, or boring, or great, or etc. We got featured on DappRadar.com and are looking at some of the dapps on there like games of scarcity and others, doing very well. Basically wondering if there's something that the community wants that we're not doing. Again, don't need to use real ETH. Everything works in Ropsten so please come by and play around. All you need is Meta Mask. Send us some feedback here or on Telegram, Twitter, etc. All the social links are at the bottom of the site. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hello, The Crypto Sportz team has officially launched our sports wagering platform in time for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16! We are big football (soccer) fans, so we feel like this was the perfect time to launch. Quick introduction: our platform is designed as an easy and secure way to make bets with friends on sports. It is powered by the blockchain, which means peer-to-peer, decentralized wagers. We wanted to eliminate the headaches and corruption of the traditional betting experience. Last but not least, this is not an ICO! All you need to do is have a MetaMask account with some ETH in it to get started. If you’re a sports fan, crypto fan, or anyone in between, we’d love for you to try out our platform. Even if you’re not a football fan, the Champions League is a prestigious event with lots of fandom and excitement to get behind. Throw down a little bit of ETH and enjoy the experience! Come check us out at: https://cryptosportz.com
  19. Crypto + Sports Bounty

    Crypto Sportz is a platform combining Crypto and Sports powered by the Ethereum network. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=elCkKDxu-SE It is now live in beta and there are matches for the Champions League! We are looking for crypto + sports fans that enjoy our platform to refer your friends and others so that we can grow the platform and send you an ETH reward. We call this group captains and more info can be found here https://www.cryptosportz.com/captains By becoming one of our captains and sharing with your friends, you will receive 1% of the ETH value of the ticket directly to your wallet. How it works? Every time you refer someone and they buy a ticket, we will send 1% of the ticket value straight to you. Simply put your Ether address in the following link: https://www.cryptosportz.com/land/ "your ETH wallet address"
  20. Looking for a Developer or/and Partner

    anyone interested? @all are invited to comment or ask any questions
  21. cyptobust.in new litecoin social gambling game not just game exchange of coins,investment and huge bonus launch game in 2 days register now and gain post registration bonus when game launch refer friends and earn 10% deposit bonus via friend directly to your game account when game launch do not deposit right now when game launch
  22. we Jackpotracer.com are looking for a Developer. we would prefer a kind of partnership. to be frank our problem with a Dev is the trust. we had many Devs in the past and many problems. we dont want to cheat and dont want to be cheated. we have many ready games. we would like to offer PvP games also. in case we dont find a Dev we can trust we would like to offer to other casino owners 2 absolutely unique game variants. those games will attract many players and especially high wagering players. we dont want to sell those 2 games. we would like to have a profit share (negotiable). any casino owner who is interested to see a demo of those games please let me know. ( trusted and well known casino owners only ) as we dont want to risk that any casino owner will copy/steal those game variant ideas we would appreciate if Stunna or Edward would be a kind of escrow in case we want to show the games to interested casino owners to be sure we get a fair treatment thx for reading
  23. Very fun and helps me learn!! You can strategize and try the strategies out for real!!! Very cool ! Check it out!!!
  24. This is still the only thirdparty software that we can recommend using.
  25. I've heard differing opinions on nitrogen sports, anyone know if they are a good site to bet sports on with crypto?
  26. @Edward check your inbox here
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