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  2. As everything has now been set up and we are fully live - we are now giving away free Bitcoin for all new registrations! All that have deposited get 5X the giveaway and unlock the matched 50% first time deposit bonus. We have also set up new micro stakes Ring Games, Sit n Go's and Tournaments. With just the bonus alone - you will have up to 100 buy-ins for some of these new tables. As well as the above, we have also scheduled GTD tournaments everyday! And if this was not enough, we are also running FREEROLLS EVERY 2 HOURS 24/7, start building your bankroll today! Available now on Windows & Web Clients. Mobile Apps coming soon. Player rewards ranking system is also in play. Get the highest rakeback on the planet up to 50%! This is higher than any of the major poker sites. Join now: https://cryptopokerclub.io See you on the other side!
  3. So many crypto signal providers exist on various platforms today. Telegram is one of the common platforms where a massive community of people with similar interests has been built in recent years. These groups are often created with the aim of sharing information on crypto opinions, trends, news, buys and profit. A crypto trader should be able to identify favorable trends in the market. It is crucial to quickly utilize such events to make a profit. Since the crypto market is highly dynamic, watching the market round the clock is necessary. The influx of Crypto signal providers on Telegram It is practically impossible for many crypto traders to keep a tab on the market 24/7. Hence, reliable cryptocurrency trading signals are always of high value for these crypto investors. Of recent, there is an astronomical increase in the number of firms providing the crypto trading signal. The upsurge of the providers is both beneficial and disadvantageous. Of course, there is no wrong with having numerous alternatives to choose from, but it becomes a herculean task to identify a reliable service among many providers that are out there just to exploit gullible traders. Free and professional Crypto Signal provider! Join Best Telegram group here: https://tradingcryptoguide.com/CryptoSpirit Do you want to learn powerful strategies for buying and selling at the perfect time? Follow our accurate crypto trading signals in the best telegram crypto group and earn up to 80% profit per trade in cryptocurrencies. We provide only the best signals for cryptocurrency for each of our members. The risks that come with crypto trading are enormous. We mitigate the risks by providing you with a sound strategy and quality crypto signals. You are bound to make a profit if you follow our tips and advice from time to time. Whenever a legit change is about to occur, our experts can see it ahead, and we notify you promptly. Our group provides excellent chances to make a decent profit with crypto trading signals in 2018 and beyond. Read more: https://medium.com/@miloskolundzic/the-best-trading-crypto-signal-provider-on-telegram-c7e06e6d271f
  4. I'm curious to know what Developer API's crypto gambling sites use to send and receive coins?
  5. paparyku

    Why should I care about provably fair?

    Nobody should use any casino crypto or not without a good provability fair system.
  6. paparyku

    Malta taking steps to legalize Bitcoin Gambling

    Hopefully fair gambling becomes less regulated everywhere in the coming years. Crypto is ahead of its time!
  7. paparyku

    Bitcoin transaction fees cheaper than Banks now

    Lower fees are good news.
  8. paparyku

    Why I believe in provable fairness

    Provability fairness should be every gambling sites #1 priority.
  9. paparyku

    How to choose a bitcoin wallet

    I'm a fan of wallet software/services that put privacy/anonymity first. Electrum is a great desktop wallet - https://electrum.org
  10. paparyku


    Stake is defiantly ahead of it's time in the gambling industry. Would defiantly recommend playing on!
  11. cryptogamehub

    Seeking funding for a project? Look Here!

    We're cryptogamehub.com. First PROVABLY FAIR HORSE RACING game in the Crypto World, doing more PvP game, it will be always unique and fair. Our site : Ref - 30% Horse edge. Free faucet Fast deposit - withdraw Unique game, win up to 12000% We're looking for partner that can do marketing or investor, offer up to 30% profit. Please DM if interested.
  12. 62 views and no one wants to help even the site owners here not as it looks like. I call it a shame
  13. We're suporting the following cryptocurrencies: Proof of funds: Bitcoin cold wallet Ethereum cold wallet Giveaway promotions: Free daily 5000 satoshi Free Dogecoin lottery tickets Free daily 10 x 20k satoshi Bitcointalk Rating: A- rating from trusted forum member Special occasional promotion (watch this thread to catch it) - 0% house edge: Crypto-Games Signature campaign: Best paying signature campaign Signature Campaign Abuse/Spam Report Thread [Get Rewarded] Facebook campaign: Get 0.3mBTC for Facebook post Monthly Wagering contest: 0.925BTC + 14.6 LTC + 4.285 ETH + 6000 Lottery tickets dealt per month Youtube challenge: Record video and get up to 0.05 BTC Crypto-Games Twitter campaign: Best paying Twitter campaign Crypto-Games article campaign: Write and publish an article and earn Crypto-Games comment campaign: Comment on Crypto-News and receive free lottery ticket Best paying referral program: Amazing 25% of the house edge of every bet made by everyone you refer is added to your balance. Whether they win or lose the bet, you still earn! Banners for advertising are located here. Mobile-friendly design: Youtube videos: Crypto-Games reviews: GamblingWithBitcoin 247cryptonews BitcoinChaser BTCManager BestBitcoinCasino BitcoinGG BestBitcoinDice BestBitcoinSlots BitcoinCasinos NewsBTC BitcoinPokerSites Coin-Network BTC-Echo BitcoinCasino BitcoinCasinoKings YouMeandBTC BigCoinGames Casinobitcoin
  14. hi all the provably fair experts who will help me to add provably fair to one of my games? I want to be sure that the game will have the correct provably fair option. please help. thx in advance Jackpotracer
  15. Hi Guys, We just revealed how we implement an integral part of Blockchain Technology to help achieve True Random Number Generation. The same technique could theoretically apply to cryptography/encryption. The aim is to revolutionize online poker by shuffling card decks more effectively than traditional Pseudo Random Number Generation algorithms that are used in today's era of online gaming. We call our solution a ' Triple-Factor Random Number Generator' (TFRNG). We combine Quantis's Hardware based Random Number Generator alongside our Blockchain Hash based PRNG in a continuous deck shuffle process chain to achieve higher degrees of randomness. On one end, we utilize quantum natural phenomena (via Photons) to generate completely random strings of numbers. On the other, we use Bitcoin Network's Hashes as a unknown, unpredictable entropy source to initiate a PRNG sequence. Together, we reshuffle the deck multiple times to provide the ultimate way of truly randomly generating numbers. Here is our paper on how the technology works: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/crypto-poker-clubs-triple-factor-random-number-generator-tfrng-revealed-4b83fccb7aea Video case studies will soon be released after our platform goes live later this month! What are your thoughts with the current state of the online gaming world when it comes to RNG?
  16. CryptoPokerClub

    Bitcoin transaction fees cheaper than Banks now

    Hey guys, Bumped into an interesting article! https://blockmanity.com/bitcoin-transaction-fees-cheaper-banks-now-10000-1-cent/ Great news for the Crypto world.. Now we just need to figure out long transaction time waiting. Any thoughts? Also what does this mean for the Crypto gaming world?
  17. Hey guys, Just an update, we have written a few more articles on this subject within Blockchain & gaming adoption: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/how-augmented-reality-artificial-intelligence-and-blockchain-technology-revolutionize-the-gaming-a65e536482f7 Also did you know professional poker players across the world have been investing into Crypto actively? Check out who here: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/cryptocurrency-gets-endorsed-by-professional-poker-players-worldwide-11c0f0d01f41 In terms of the project, we are a few weeks away from completing! Just wrapping up QA testing now. Just a reminder, we are giving away free BTC for all new sign up members before April 20th 2018! Sign up with just an email: https://www.cryptopokerclub,io
  18. Hi Guys, We are a group that has been investing into Crypto for quite some time and are fellow poker players. Over the past year, we have been building up a next generation Crypto powered poker game in the background which supports Bitcoin & Ethereum. We have also improved various game features such as better RNG, more secure gameplay, far lower fees and an incredible Rakeback programme. We are excited to finally be able to announce the launch of Crypto Poker Club going live from the 20th April 2018! Our main aim is to empower poker players worldwide and provide a better online experience whilst making the game secure, fun and more profitable. Please find a one page infographic summary below. Currently, we are taking sign ups for early members and are rewarding you with a free 50% bonus on your first deposit. This is unlike other bonuses because these funds will be credited to you in advance instead of being released in small chunks like all other poker sites do. Sign up with just an email and get yourself on the list. Learn more here: https://cryptopokerclub.io Our press release outlining more details of online poker problems we have fixed: https://medium.com/@CryptoPokerClub/crypto-poker-club-launching-the-next-generation-blockchain-powered-online-poker-game-117f2c29caeb Let us know if you guys have any questions? Looking forward to connecting with you guys. All the best, CPC
  19. dodice.io — brand new dice game Y'all know what to do 1% house edge Fair 50% chance of winning (Quite) fast BTC deposit and withdrawal Hey, guys! We want to create the best dice game ever. We've just launched, so please message if you have any questions, issues or proposals. Come and try your luck: dodice.io
  20. Morluth

    Casino games with...

    For those who like to keep up with the times and use the new, modern and effective, then you should take care of it now and create new games, as indicated on http://www.enngenie.com/Casino-PCB-Game-Board- Kits. It is enough to decide what you want, and the rest is a matter of pro.
  21. Is it really possible?
  22. Morluth

    Crypto + Sports wagering is finally here!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
  23. Trying to send a message and getting - "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more." - I have like 5 messages in my inbox. Is the limit really that low or is it just me?..
  24. Never got paid for this, fake promotion, can't delete the post, sorry guys!
  25. It's not true. Fraud is confirmed by owner and video. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2036622.msg20255043#msg20255043
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